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Polishing and Polymer Sealant

Polishing: Removes the oxidation and brings back the shine to you yacht

Polymer Sealant: Protect your yacht’s surface against the weather, salt water and oxidation.

Detailing Wash

Our Detailing Wash offers a thorough and deep cleaning, removing dirt and residues, ensuring your boat is always in pristine condition.

Ceramic Coating

Protect and preserve your yacht's paint with our Ceramic Coating service, providing a durable barrier against scratches, wear, and weathering. 1 year warranty.

Metal Polish

We bring out the shine and beauty of your boat's metal details with our Metal Polish service, ensuring they sparkle like new.

Engine Room Detailing

Keep the heart of your yacht in excellent condition with our Engine Room Detailing service, ensuring optimal performance and a clean appearance.

Interior Deep Cleaning

Transform the interior of your boat with our Interior Deep Cleaning service, offering a fresh, sanitized, and inviting environment for you and your guests.


Preserve the beauty and durability of your yacht's teakwood with our Teak Sanding and Cleaning services, ensuring an elegant finish and long lifespan.


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About us

With over 18 years of experience, High Seas Detailing is made up of a team of specialists in transforming the appearance of yachts and boats, restoring their original shine and splendor. Our personalized services range from polishing and waxing to detailed interior cleaning and teak wood maintenance.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, providing impeccable and long-lasting results. We are committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly products and techniques that preserve the marine environment. With us, your vessel is treated with the utmost care and attention it deserves.



Click on ‘Get a free quote’ button anywhere on this page, or contact us through social media or by phone at (561) 552-1339.

We serve yachts from Miami to Palm Beach and provide a specialized team to perform the desired treatment for your yacht or boat.

You can contact us through social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, or WhatsApp at our phone number (561) 552-1339.

Compound and Wax, Detailing Wash, Ceramic Coating, Metal Polish, Engine

Room, Detailing Interior, Deep Cleaning, Teakwood: Teak Cleaning and Teak Sanding.


We use premium and top-quality products that ensure the best shine and durability for your yacht. Some examples are 3M Marine Line and Lat 26.

We can negotiate annual plans for weekly Boat Washing and annual Boat Keeping plans.


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